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One of the most common questions asked regarding Speed Camera Detectors is 'Are they legal?' We have been advised that it is completely legal to own and use a radar/laser detector in the UK. However they are considered illegal in France so we advise that you check local laws for other countries.

Most Safety or Alert systems provide advanced warnings of most speed cameras, accident hot spot, speed limiter and overspeed safety functions.Recommended brands are ROAD PILOT and SNOOPER SYSTEMS.

Features include:
• Shows speed limit
• Easy to read display
• Clear audio visual alerts
• Overspeed function
• GPS Speedo display
• 3 year warranty
• Speed limiter
• Vehicle heading display
• Simple controls
• Slimline design
• Autorange/mute function
• Internet database updates
• Plug and play
• 12 monthsdatabase access


Radar/Lasar Detection as Standard

The Snooper S6-R also comes complete with a radar/laser detector (RLD) which can be either mounted on the dashboard or the side of the windscreen. The S6-RLD is also waterproof and comes complete with an under-bonnet mounting kit so that it can be positioned within the engine compartment behind the vehicles grille for a professional installation.

The S6-RLD has been designed to detect all types of radar and lasar speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where 'Fixed' systems cannot be easily utilised, thus ensuring that you will be made alert to almost every accident hotspot and speed monitoring system whether fixed or mobile.

Detection of radar and laser is also selectable so that the device can be programmed to detect radar and laser, laser only or can even be turned off in low risk areas.

ROAD PILOT MICRO starts at the competative price of  £199 inc vat.
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